Making a detailed record of someone’s life is not a walk in the park, so here we hope to answer some of your questions.

Q: How long does it take?

A: In general, one to four hours (depending on which service you have chosen) for the filming of the interview will be adequate to recount the major events and stories of your life journey. This time includes breaks and discussions to make sure we capture the important details.

Q: What questions are asked in the interview?

A: After our initial discussion, we will have a better idea of what key areas and memories to cover and we will split the interview into sections.
Generally, this will be: when and where born, your parents, growing up, schooling, first work, major relationships, having children, big life events like moving or holidays or making your home.
Some people like to have specific questions to answer, and others come prepared with the wonderful stories and associated memories they want to tell.
At the end of the interview, we will ask if there is a lasting message you would like to leave your family, friends and descendants. This may be used as a memorial if you choose to be used at your passing. (end of life?)

Q: What if I can’t remember all the details of my life?

A: Having a long life can mean that some details will be hazy and perhaps lost. However, through our initial discussion, those life events can be stirred to rise to the surface. Having interviewed hundreds of people over the years our experience will help prompt and tease out those memories again in a kind and sometimes playful way. We have also found that our particular filming and interview technique creates something magic, and your words and memories will flow!

Q: Why do we need Moving Portraits when I could film this on my phone?

A: While we all have the means these days to record ourselves or our loved ones with our smartphones, it is not that simple to create a beautifully crafted film that exactly portrays someone’s life story. For many people, they may just not get around to making the film before it is too late.
As documentary filmmakers and cinematographers, we are skilled in clearly recording a subject and the essence of their personality and the events of their life.
With many award-winning productions under our belt, we use our experience to carefully and thoughtfully edit your film to the highest technical standards which is a perfect gift for your family and future generations.

Q: Where do you film the Moving Portraits?

A: We have a comfortable quiet studio in which to do the filming with easy parking outside. If you cannot make it to the studio for whatever reason we can come to you and set up there.

Q: Can I have someone with me during the interview?

A: We welcome you to invite someone along, and for some of our services, we will be interviewing family members and friends who will be there with you.

Q: What are the risks?

A: The feedback we receive is that taking part is usually an enjoyable experience. It must be said that some events that are recalled may be sad and emotional, particularly if you choose to talk about people who have passed away.
You can of course choose what to talk about, and what will not come up in the interview. You are effectively in control and we can stop at any time or move on to another subject.

Q: How long does a Moving Portrait take to make?

A: Generally from start to finish, it takes three to four weeks from the initial discussion to the creation of the completed film. For the Gold and Platinum service, this may take longer as it requires a time or event where family and friends come together in one place to film.

Q: I am thinking of a Moving Portrait for a loved one, but they may be camera-shy.

A: We can have an initial discussion with the subject, explaining the importance of telling their life story may motivate them to be interviewed. We have found that in all cases, once the subject is seated in the studio, the magic happens, and the stories just flow.
In the unlikely event that does not work, we can always make a thorough audio recording and add their photographs or home movies that tell their life story.

Q: Can more than one person be interviewed together for one of the services you offer?

A: Whether it be a married couple, siblings or two friends they can be interviewed together to make the one film. It can really show off their relationship too. We offer this as part of the Silver, Gold and custom (Platinum) service.

Q: Do you travel to interviews far from your base?

A: This is not a problem, however, we do ask for reasonable travel expenses for two crew members.

Q: What if I don’t like the content of the film?

A: We will be using the agreed material that you have given to us in the form of old films and photos and the interview. No other material will be used without your expressed permission and request. Once the film is edited we will send to you and anybody you choose, a draft of the Moving Portrait. This is your chance to make any notes for changes before we complete the final film.

Q: How do I pay for the Moving Portrait?

A: Each participant will be given a written contract with a schedule for the work and its completion. We ask for a deposit to secure the interview and its editing. Once the film is completed and you have given your changes, we will ask for the outstanding amount before we pass on the memory stick and password-protected link to the film.
Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Q: Do you have gift vouchers?

A: These are available on request and make a beautiful gift for someone you love.