How it works

The Making of Your Moving Portrait

Stage 1: Planning

First, we arrange a relaxed meetup or a phone or video call, so that you are clear about the filmmaking process and to answer any questions. This is also the time when we gather the information to be covered in the interview about your life story or the person you are commissioning a Moving Portrait for.
Here we will agree on which areas and periods of time you would like to include in the interview and your photographs of home movies to illustrate the stories and significant people and places in your life.
This initial discussion will help create a guide for the filmed interview and allow us to ensure that the major life events you want to talk about are covered.

Stage 2: The Interview

Our process for creating a filmed moving portrait has come from many years of experience interviewing people to ensure the best aspects of someone’s personality and life come across in the most comfortable way. Don’t worry it is not a police interrogation!
All our interviews are conducted in the same stylish manner with a black background and soft lighting. It generally lasts around one to two hours, with plenty of chances to stop and have a break so you can collect your thoughts and come back to the interview fresh. After all, we want you to feel you are not rushed and able to tell your stories in the best possible way for your families and friends.
At the end of the interview, we will take a few beautifully composed photographs of you and film a scene of you looking at your photograph album, this can also be done with some members of your family.
Any photos you have selected to be edited into your film can be left with us so they can be scanned and returned to you.

Stage 3: The Moving Portrait

Now you can just sit back while we work away in the edit using our creative skills to weave your stories and photographs into a seamless film.
Once a draft edit is complete, we will send a private link for you to view the film. You will be able to pass back to us one set of notes for any changes you may require.
We will then make those changes (if any) and send back to you a personalised memory stick containing the completed film and a password-protected link to an online version where your family and friends can view the film whenever they like or download a copy.

Photo’s by Andrew Stewart.