“We talk about writing a whole autobiography or writing stories to pass on,
but this really is a whole different level.
And future generations, the kids will hopefully see what the old fellow was like.
Yeah, great process, great experience.”

Alan W.

“I think this process is a really amazing opportunity to have a record of our father
and have it for our future generations to share some of those beautiful stories
that get lost when people move on.
I think about my grandparents and the stories that they used to tell us,
but I already start to forget the details”

Ally W.

“Years ago I did start doing a family tree and a lot of the historical facts
you can get are basically photographs, still photographs,
but it doesn’t really tell you much about the person’s life and how they lived
and what relationships they had.
So this is a very important thing to do so that you can actually see the person and
hear their life story and what relationships they had with other people
and things they’ve done in their life.”

Paul D.